Direct Marketing

Choose your favourite e-mailing tool and pair it up with SweepBright.


Add new SweepBright leads automatically as subscribers in Campaign Monitor and run your campaigns effectively.


Send leads you collect in SweepBright to MailChimp where you can create or manage your mailing campaigns.

Add your SweepBright leads to your lists automatically.


Manage conversations with your website visitors or talk to your team about a new listing or contact in SweepBright.


Communicate with your customers through the Intercom “chat-box” on your SweepBright agency website.


Send messages to your Slack channels with your listings' or contacts' data.


Our integration with LiveChat helps you chat with visitors on your SweepBright website.


Send automated sms messages to your SweepBright contacts.


Let your customers schedule viewings or visits whenever it suits them without the back-and-forth emails. Add SMS or email reminders to create the ultimate scheduling experience. Coming soon!


Embed your Calendly link in your SweepBright website and let your visitors book viewings or visits.

Customer bookings straight into your calendar by embedding your calendar link in your SweepBright website.

Document Management

Document or transaction management tools let you complete the sales journey with automatic document and form creation.


Send SweepBright's data to Dotloop to manage your form creation, e-signing and real estate transaction.


Manage your own document templates in WebMerge with data you collect in SweepBright.

Task Management

Automatically create todo's, lists or reminders tailored to your agency's workflows and containing your listings' or contacts' data.


Help your team stay organised by connecting SweepBright to a project management tool like Basecamp.


Make your task management easy and seamless with Wunderlist, so your team always knows what to work on next.


Automatically create notes about your new leads or properties in Evernote.

Google Calendar

Create Google Calendar events with your SweepBright listings' or contacts' data.

Lead Capture

Capture leads from anywhere! Hook SweepBright with your Facebook campaigns, with your chat app or even with your mailbox to make sure you never miss anyone.

Facebook Lead Ads

Automatically add new leads from your Facebook Lead Ads to SweepBright as leads.

Zillow Tech Connect

Create SweepBright leads for new Zillow Tech Connect contacts.


Add new leads from Intercom chats to SweepBright automatically.


Whenever your Typeform form is filled out, the information provided by the person filling in the form will create a new lead in SweepBright.


Want some extra tracking capabilities? No problem. Combine your CRM app with SweepBright and close those deals the way you like.


Add every new SweepBright lead automatically as a contact in Contactually or create a task every time someone reacts on a listing.


Track your SweepBright leads, bids or prospects in HubSpot CRM as new contacts or deals.


Integrate SweepBright with Salesforce and make sure every new lead in SweepBright is also added to your Salesforce account.

Workspace Automation

Pair SweepBright with the world's best apps and automate your own perfect workspace.


Zapier moves info between SweepBright and the world's best apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Property Portals

Publish your listing to a range of real estate portals with the push of a single button. Don't see yours? Contact us for a quote.

REA is Australia's #1 place for property, with over 1 million visits every day.

Domain Group

Australia's second largest property portal providing an exposure to 5.9 million property seekers each month.


Belgium's well established and largest listings site with more than 140'000 available properties.

Logic Immo

Logic Immo is dedicated to the Belgian property market and boasts 1'500'000 visitors per month.


UK's most comprehensive property website attracting over 40 million visits per month. Coming soon.

Prime Location is one of the UK's leading property websites, focussed on the middle and upper tiers of the market. Coming soon.

Immo Vlan

Immovlan has 125'000 Belgian listings online, offered by professionals and individual users in Belgium and abroad.

Hebbes is another major property listing website active on the Belgian market.