Basecamp 2 lets you manage your projects all on one page, is super fast, and keeps you up to date in real-time.

Benefits of Basecamp+SweepBright

This integration allows you to send data you collect in SweepBright to Basecamp so you can create to do’s, lists or events with your contact’s and listing’s data.

Help the organization of your teams by connecting SweepBright  to a project management tool like Basecamp 2. Automatically create a Basecamp 2 to-do from a new SweepBright lead. Make your task management easy and seamless, so your team always knows what to work on next.

Apps involved

  • Basecamp 2
  • SweepBright
  • Zapier

Create Basecamp 2 to-dos for new SweepBright leads

Use this zap

Create a Basecamp 2 reminder before the end of your SweepBright contract

Use this zap

Create Basecamp 2 projects when property statuses change in SweepBright

Use this zap

Create Basecamp 2 to-dos when new feedback is added to SweepBright leads

Use this zap