ClickSend is a cloud-based service that lets you send and receive SMS, Email, Voice, Fax and Letters worldwide.

Benefits of ClickSend+SweepBright

This integration enables you to automatically send SMS messages to your contacts when you create a lead, register an interaction, change the status of a property and more.

Manually sending SMS messages to new leads is time-consuming and can be tricky to time. With this integration, new SweepBright leads will get ClickSend SMS messages automatically, while you spend your time on more important tasks.

Want to send your vendors an SMS message that their propery has been sold or rented? This automation can help as well. Once activated, you will automatically inform a vendor via a ClickSend SMS when his property was sold or rented on SweepBright.

Apps involved

  • ClickSend
  • SweepBright
  • Zapier

Send new SweepBright leads a text message via ClickSend SMS

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Send SweepBright vendors a text message via ClickSend SMS when their property is sold or rented

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