Contactually automatically manages your contacts across email, social media and mobile phone to help you prioritize your relationships by monitoring your conversation patterns.

Benefits of Contactually+SweepBright

Our integration with Zapier enables you to send leads data you collect in SweepBright to Contactually where you can manage your contacts.

Moving new leads from SweepBright to Contactually manually can take up a lot of time.  With this integration, every new SweepBright lead will automatically be added as a contact in your Contactually account. Keep your contacts in Contactually fresh! How? Thanks to this integration you can also automatically update your contacts in Contactually when you alter the info of your leads in SweepBright.

Add new SweepBright leads to Contactually as contacts

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Create Contactually tasks when new feedback is added to SweepBright leads

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Update a contact in Contactually when a lead is updated in SweepBright

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