Salesforce is a leading enterprise customer relationship manager (CRM) application.

Benefits of Salesforce+SweepBright

Our integration with Zapier enables you to send leads data you collect in SweepBright to Salesforce where you can manage your opportunities, leads, etc.

Keep your contacts in Salesforce up-to-date. Whenever you change or update your lead in SweepBright, this Zapier integration will automatically update that lead in your Salesforce account. No more time wasted manually updating your leads!

Apps involved

  • Salesforce
  • SweepBright
  • Zapier

Create or update leads in Salesforce when SweepBright leads are updated

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Add new SweepBright leads to Salesforce as leads

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Create or update opportunities in Salesforce when the statuses of properties change in SweepBright

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