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Benefits of Slack+SweepBright

This integration enables you to send data you collect in SweepBright to Slack so you can communicate with your team about a specific lead or listing.

For example you can automatically inform your team when the status of a property changes in SweepBright.

Stay on top of your tasks with Slack reminders. When you add feedback to a lead or register an interaction in SweepBright, you can create a Slack reminder automatically. That way, your team get reminders about your lead interactions and know when a lead has requested more info or demonstrated interest in a property.

Apps involved

  • Slack
  • SweepBright
  • Zapier

Send Slack messages when property statuses change in SweepBright

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Get Slack notifications for new SweepBright leads

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Create Slack reminders when new feedback is added to SweepBright leads

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