Mobile Intake

Create a new listing on location in just a few swipes directly from your phone, saving you valuable time. 

Mobile Intake

Adding the location of the property you are visiting takes less time than to read this sentence. 

Just hit the "Get Current Location" button and voilà.

Mobile Intake

Adding the listing's features is easy. 

Adjust the sliders and toggle the various options. 

You can select from an array of features so that your intake process takes just minutes to complete.

Mobile Intake

Your phone is equipped with an extremely capable camera. Use it to snap some images, enhance them, send them to your leads and publish them with your listing. 

You can invite your photographer to come by for a shoot and request documents or plans from the owner without worrying where the images or documents will end up. Once uploaded, the images and documents are automatically added to your SweepBright listing.


With SweepBright, property listings and leads are easily matched. As a result, you can instantly get in touch with your leads. You can even show existing leads a property while you are still there!

Email matching properties to relevant contacts, or choose to call, text or send an email to a preferred client. 

Your interactions are registered automatically!

Agency Website

SweepBright comes with your own mobile-friendly agency website. Your website can be live the moment you publish your first listing! You can easily add more functionalities such as “chat” or “visit scheduling” to give your visitors that superior customer experience when they first discover your brand. See a live example here.

Agency Website

Your own agency website includes future-proof features such as:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • VR compatibility
  • Google Maps integration
  • Personalisation with a wide range of color-themes
  • YouTube & Vimeo video embedding
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

Agency Website

Get instant notifications for requests from your website. A new contact is automatically created in your SweepBright app so you can easily follow up.

Lead Management

Your contacts are always up to date with SweepBright’s powerful, simple to use CRM. 

Follow up with your leads and interact with buyers and sellers while on the move!

Lead Management

Add additional feedback after your interactions. This feedback is useful for filtering your leads.

Simply move the sliders and toggles, or add additional comments.

Lead Management

Track your recent interactions on multiple listings so you can always stay up to date. 

You can trace all received reactions for a single property.

Lead Management

Place and register your calls with a lead without any manual input on your part. 

Do you prefer to text or email instead? Same thing, with just two taps.

Visits & Open Homes

SweepBright allows you to schedule visits and open homes. Requests are automatically registered and your leads are notified via email.

Instant Visibility

Stop losing hours before even advertising a new listing. Upload listings instantaneously to your own website,  social media channels and on a range of real estate portals. 

Integrate with your favourite apps

SweepBright works great with third-party apps to make your work even easier. This way you can create and automate your perfect work space!

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