Estimate the total time you can save on your property intake

Average number of intakes

5 per month

Average duration per intake

1 hours

Total duration per year spent on intake

720 hours

Mobile Intake with

Savings estimate

*Estimate cost = 35/hour

Mobile Intake

Create a new listing - on location and in just a few swipes! Snapping great shots or getting a professionally drawn plan are just a swipe away.

Time saving calculator

Create a listing on location

Going to visit a prospective listing or need to list a property on contract? Add that property in no time, directly from your phone and save valuable time without the need to create or add information twice.

Add the location with one tap

Adding the exact address of the property you are visiting takes less time than to read this sentence. Just hit the button and voila.

Add the properties’ features

Adding the properties’ features, surfaces and other details is extremely easy. Move the sliders and toggle the various options. Depending on the property and transaction type, you can select from an array of features so that your intake process just takes minutes to complete.

Snap and edit images,
or book your photographer

Your phone is equipped with an extremely capable camera. Use it to snap some images, enhance them, send them to your leads or publish them along with your listing on your various advertising channels. Not a second is wasted. You can also invite your photographer to come by for a shoot.

Great Images

Point, shoot, edit images or book your photographer on the spot. Use your phones' camera to snap great shots and have them automatically linked to your listing.

How to make great shots from your phone

Professional Plans

Sketch, snap, send to SweepBright and get professional-looking plans of all your listings within a few hours.

Coming soon

Bright Matching

Match listings & leads automatically and on the spot with our matching features, and get in touch without delay.

Match your listings with a lead

Your leads have location, budget and property type preferences. With SweepBright, you can immediately match those preferences with your listings and get to work.

Automatically register your leads’ interactions

You just called a lead concerning a listing. SweepBright registers that without any manual input on your part. Send him a text or a mail instead? Same thing. It can really be that simple.

Add extra feedback

Following each interaction, you can easily add additional feedback from your mobile. Just move the slider. If you want to, you can add your own comments. That feedback is useful if you want to filter your leads.

Track recent interactions so you know what to do next

Check your leads’ recent interactions on one or multiple listings so you always know what to do next. You can also track the reactions received for a single property.

Your contacts are always up to date

SweepBrights’ powerful yet simple to use CRM capabilities are at your fingertips for any contact type. Whether your lead is a potential buyer or tenant, you can easily follow up with him while staying on the move.

Follow-up in a Flash

Follow-up on your leads, schedule visits and interact with buyers & sellers in a way that is finally much more straightforward than any other CRM!

Instant Visibility

Stop losing hours or days before advertising a new listing. Get that property on your social media, major real estate portals and on your own website in a breeze.

SweepBright comes with your own agency website which includes future-proof features such as

  • mobile responsiveness
  • VR compatibility
  • Google Maps integration
  • personalisation with a wide range of color-themes
  • YouTube & Vimeo video

See live example

Integrate with your favourite tools

SweepBright works with third-party integrations to make your work even easier.
This creates the perfect work space to fit your needs!


Select your favorite channels and publish your listings on real estate portals and social media with one click.

Document Management

Streamline your document creation and management with SweepBright. Choose your platform and import data automatically from your SweepBright account to generate offers, invoices, and more in minutes.

Newsletter Mailing

Manage and update your subscribers lists easily. Create, send and track the results of your email marketing campaigns.


Chat with visitors on your SweepBright website or send sms reminders for your scheduled visits. Expand your reach with some of the most nifty communication apps out there.


Connect SweepBright with thousands of popular apps and create your own workflows without the need to code.


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