Sweep Chat: building and scaling a new generation agency

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Last week we had our first “Sweep Chat” with no one less than Gabrielle Amandt, CEO of We Invest.

We interviewed Gabrielle because We Invest is a real estate agency which is writing a unique success story, illustrating the rise of the next generation agencies using modern tools.

“Well, we always focus on scalability and potential. We continuously try to listen to the market, to the agents and our team in order to find the appropriate solutions in order to become more productive. We created a suite of apps that is dedicated to our own processes, but it must be scalable and it must have potential.” Says Gabrielle Amandt, CEO of We Invest. 

However, it’s not only about technology. Having the right mindset and understanding who you are targeting  is just as important. Gabrielle explains that she is a  millennial herself and therefore she knows how to address millennials. The main “feature” of We Invest’s mindset is the fact that they focus on their users, on their experience – the agents, buyer or seller. Social media is one of their main channels in order to reach them.

Moreover, We Invest truly INVEST in their agents. They make sure they are able to create their own brand, their own notoriety by providing in-house marketing support, trainings and tools – but also by creating a sense of “community” at their agency.

With speed and quality, We Invest keeps on growing. 
How? Discover more by watching our Sweep Chat!