Text messaging and chat apps are the key to reaching millennial homebuyers

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Millennials are digital natives—they’ve grown up during an era of rapid technological advancement, and they aren’t afraid to ditch the communication methods of yesteryear.

For them, the traditional phone call is a source of dread.  “The phone call poses an unnecessary risk at failed communication,” writes I, Science contributor, and millennial, Henry Throp. 

Thus, this generation has turned to text messaging and chat apps to stay connected with friends, family, and co-workers.

Forbes reports that 68% of millennials text on a daily basis.   The trend extends around the globe.  A LivePerson survey found that 7 in every 10 millennials in Western nations prefer digital communication to the old-fashioned phone call.  So, what’s leading this change?

Why millennials prefer digital communication

Digital communication accomplishes things that a phone call can’t.  For millennials, it saves them time.  “Millennials process information faster than most of us,” writes Inc. contributing editor John Brandon.  “They don’t have time for outdated technology.”  Indeed, phone calls are lengthy, inefficient, and awkward.  Texting and chat apps allow millennials to conduct important conversations without sacrificing a huge chunk of their day.

Also, texting gives millennial smartphone users a chance to connect with large groups at once.  A phone call is largely a conversation between two people.  But a group chat, in a messaging app like WhatsApp, could include 10, 25, or even 50 people.  Digital communication has far fewer limits than a phone call.

Fortunately, the benefits of texting and chat apps aren’t reserved for personal communication.  Millennials want to conduct business in the same fashion.  A 2016 OpenMarket survey noted that 60% of millennials wanted the option of texting with their favorite businesses.  For this generation, a corporate text isn’t a nuisance—it’s preferred. 

If you’re trying to reach millennial homebuyers, stop dialing and start texting.