The next generation agency – We Invest case study

SweepBright is the technological backbone boosting We Invests’ productivity

We Invest is a newcomer amongst the Belgian’s capital RE agencies.

During the past 6 months, its team almost doubled in size to more than 40 highly talented and successful agents, its revenue exploded and their brand is recognised all over the city. By leveraging technology and social media, We Invest is writing a unique success story, illustrating the rise of the next generation agencies using modern tools such as SweepBright and social media to boost their business.

4 Must know facts about We Invest

  • recently sold 22 properties in just 1 week
  • on average, an agent sells a property in just 5 weeks
  • adds 30 listings a month to its inventory
  • customer satisfaction is spectacularly higher than your typical real estate agency, with 90% of clients strongly recommending We Invest