Estimate the total time you can save on your property intake

Average number of intakes

5 per month

Average duration per intake

1 hours

Total duration per year spent on intake

720 hours

Mobile Intake with

Savings estimate

*Estimate cost = 35/hour


Save a serious amount of time

SweepBright is a mobile powerhouse enabling you to work and stay on the move at all times and save you a tremendous amount of time.

Create your listings on location in a few minutes and eliminate redundant data input.

Publish your listing to property portals, social media, and on your own website with the push of a button so that it can hit the market in seconds instead of days.

Time saving calculator

Close more deals

Win more listings by persuading sellers to grant you a contract. Show them your leads that match with their property, right there on the spot.

SweepBright tracks calls, e-mails and chats and associates them to the right listings so you can make sure you can spend your time on closing deals, not on data entry.

And future-proof your agency !

SweepBright works seamlessly with third party applications so that your sales journey can become a digital one.

From document management to task management, create your own perfect workflow with SweepBright as your technological backbone and only pay for the tools you truly need.

SweepBright is flexible and the perfect fit for all types of agencies and brokerages, small or large.

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