Create & publish listings,
on location, in no time

Publish your listings in one tap on multiple channels and on your own branded website. Your listings can now hit the market in minutes instead of days.

Matchmaker & dealmaker

Improve your lead & vendor matching with our smart algorithm. Increase your click-through rate and provide quality matching. Consequently, close more deals.

A powerhouse in your pocket

We’re not a shrunk down version of a desktop platform. SweepBright is a mobile productivity solution and has been designed for it. It enables you to work and stay on the move at all times.

Create your own workspace

SweepBright works seamlessly with third party applications so that the sales journey becomes a digital one. From document management to task management, create your own perfect workflow with SweepBright as your tech backbone.

A better follow-up, a better picture

We track your calls, e-mails and chats to associate them to your listings. Ordered professional photographs? Don’t look anywhere, they’re associated to that listing too so you don’t have to waste time looking them up in your mailbox, Dropbox or other distant places.

Adapted scalability

SweepBright is flexible and can be the perfect fit for all types of agencies. Whether you are big, small or intermediate.

Show more data, win more listings

Win more listings by convincing vendors to grant you contracts. Show them your relevant leads that match with their properties, on the spot, And simply generate that contract on the spot too! Who wouldn’t sign that?

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